Saved But Still Enslaved

Davis, Bobby. Saved But Still Enslaved. Minneapolis, MN: Chosen/ Baker Publishing Group. 2014.

savedbutstillenslavedEven though forgiven, many people still carry and struggle with the burdens of strongholds in their lives. With brutal honesty, self stories, heavy examples and a multitude of encouragement, Pastor Bobby Davis in his new book, Saved But Still Enslaved, provides answers and steps to overcoming those strongholds which can hold people captive. Even though the action has passed, strongholds such as shame, inferiority, addiction, fear, unforgiveness, hopelessness, religion and poverty can still shape lives, both in the present and future.

Such a powerful book in the message it contains as well as the way in which it was written. Though not long in length, each chapter made me pause and realize these strongholds could affect many people, including me. I appreciated the straight forward approach to the book; it is definitely not a light read. Great for teen ministry, counseling, and self reading, Saved But Still Enslaved, has the capability of changing lives to truly live for God as intended, providing different ways to view road blocks in life. This book proved to be enlightening and well worth my time to read it; I will probably return to it again.

5 (out of 5) pennies

*I received a complimentary copy of Saved But Still Enslaved from Chosen Publishing for my honest review*


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