Reed, Ralph. Awakening: How America Can Turn From Economic And Moral Destruction Back To Greatness. Brentwood, TN: Worthy Publishing. 2014.

awakeningThrough the downward spiral of this country economically, spiritually and morally, the author, Ralph Reed, shares his thoughts reversing the decline. By way of ideas based on returning to the country led by the Founding Fathers, Reed explains why and how such things as marriage, worship, spiritual awakening and government can make a difference. With his vast experience as chairman of the Faith and Freedom Coalition, senior advisor to the Bush-Cheney campaigns as well as chairman of the Georgia Republican Party, Ralph Reed believes this country still has a chance.

Ralph Reed has some thought-provoking ideas on steering this country back to moral, economical and spiritual empowerment. He demonstrates a way in which we can be “part” of this world yet not necessarily “of” this world. With endorsements from Senator Rand Paul, Senator Marco Rubio and Governor Mike Huckabee, there appear to be many who support his ideas. Though not fundamentally new beliefs and conclusions, Ralph Reed imposes his thoughts in a different way.

3.5 (out of 5) pennies

*I received a complimentary copy of Awakening from Worthy Publishing for my honest review*


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