Serenity to Accept

Maddrey, Elizabeth. Serenity to Accept. USA: HopeSprings Books. 2013.

serenityDealing with a painful past, Karin Reid feels God hasn’t been there for her; as a result, she lives her life accordingly…until she meets Jason Garcia. Having his own past issues, Jason is now committed to dating only Christians but then meets Karin. While sorting through past situations, mistakes and feelings, Jason and Karin must decide how strong their convictions are and how much they are willing to change or accept.

Serenity to Accept involves some of the same characters (or relatives of characters) from Courage to Change. I liked the continuity among the books although each could be read separately. Elizabeth Maddrey deals with some very real, very difficult issues in an appropriate yet sensitive manner. She stays true to her beliefs in her writing even offering resources for those who may need it at the end of her book. Definitely an author who should continue to write contemporary Christian books. As always, I enjoyed the actual physical book…thicker cover, whiter pages, decorated chapters and easy to follow story breaks/ sections. (Book 3 in the Grant Us Grace series.)

4 (out of 5) pennies

*I received a complimentary copy of Serenity to Accept from BookCrash and HopeSprings Books for my honest review*


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