Glimpsing Grace in Ordinary Days

Litavsky, Christine. Glimpsing Grace in Ordinary Days. USA: CrossLink Publishing. 2013.

glimpsingThroughout busy days, schedules and routines, God’s grace is often overlooked or missed. Christine Litavsky shows us glimpses of His grace in our everyday life through real-life examples, experiences and stories. She reminds us that God’s grace can be seen through spiders, sledding, crabs, Foosball tables, friends and even dumpsters. Christine prompts us to see His grace in ordinary days…we just need to remember to look for it.

Set up as brief chapters, each section makes it simple to pause and consider how God is present even in our most chaotic, mundane, and daily patterns. Some stories invited me to reminisce while others reminded me to slow down and enjoy the moment to truly enjoy God’s freely given grace. I could relate to many of the included stories yet only wished scripture verses had been included with each. General ideas about experiencing God’s grace were given yet I think it would have been much more powerful to relate it to a specific verse and explore it more jointly with the true life stories. Overall, very well written with a great reminder message to “glimpse God’s grace in ordinary days”.

4 (out of 5) pennies

*I received a complimentary copy of glimpsing Grace in Ordinary Days from BookCrash and crossLink Publishing for my honest review*


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