Pure Joy…The Dogs We Love

Steel, Danielle. Pure Joy…The Dogs We Love. New York, NY: Random House Publishing Group. 2013.

PurejoyThe author, Danielle Steel, creates a memoir of the many dogs she has known over the years, spotlighting her relationship with her current dog, Minnie Mouse, a two-pound Chihuahua. Through musings, memories, stories and thoughts, Danielle Steel shares her love of dogs and their lifelong effects on our lives. From total happiness to utter chaos, she reminds readers why dogs are so popular with so many.

Aptly named, this book put a smile on my face as the author candidly spoke of her many dogs. Explaining she loves dogs as much as children (nine children-eleven dogs), she shows the “pure joy” her dogs have brought into her life (for the most part). Though I did not necessarily agree with all her dog actions/ experiences, I could relate to the emotions and turmoil puppies and dogs can evoke. Actually, when reading deeper into the book, Danielle states “allow yourself the luxury of letting happiness be whatever it is to you”. She found that happiness in her current dog, Minnie Mouse, although it could be anything in life. She goes on to say “why not” do something that brings joy to life, even if it requires courage to step outside the comfort zone (within reason). I chose this book for the cover and subject matter but came away with a different perspective on life to consider. I also appreciated the fact that it showed the “human-side” of a well-known, very popular author.

4.5 (out of 5) pennies


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