Truly Devoted

Wright, H. Norman. Truly Devoted. Eugene, OR: Harvest House Publishers, 2013.

truly devotedTruly Devoted is a devotional that shows what our dogs teach us about life, love and loyalty. The devotions in the book are short enough to easily read in a single sitting – about 2-3 pages each. Each devotion provides a humorous story about dogs and then parallels the lesson learned from the story to lessons learned in the Scriptures. Among the lessons are topics such as companionship, trust, worry, loyalty and love.

This devotional will definitely appeal to all dog lovers. The pages are filled with German Shepherds, Golden Retrievers, Shelties and more! The adorable dog stories provide not only a smile but also a ponder point. This is a must read that should be shared with your best friend – your dog of course! Who knew that Man’s Best Friend, aka our furry companions, could provide lessons in life, love and loyalty? (Definitely a relevant read for me as our newest member of Savurbks teaches me unconditional love, loyalty beyond measure, and a huge amount of patience! See my August post introducing our newest member, a puppy!)

4 (out of 5) Pennies

* I received a complimentary copy of Truly Devoted from Harvest House Publishers in exchange for my honest review*


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