Seeking Christmas

Robinson, Renee. Seeking Christmas: Finding the True Meaning Through Family Traditions. USA: CrossLink Publishing. 2013.

SeekingThrough seven days of Christmas devotionals, Renee Robinson has created a book for families to enjoy together. By considering Christmas memories of own childhood, the author expands upon those to build even deeper, more meaningful traditions with our own families. Each devotion includes a chance to Remember (for adults to read and cherish), Read (a Bible verse), Reflect (a chance to expand on the Bible verse appropriately for each age), Research (a brief history of a Christmas tradition), and Rejoice (a summary of the devotion). Renee encourages families to keep and record their experiences throughout the devotional time in a journal to revisit and expand upon in years to come.

I was pleasantly surprised at this devotional. I appreciated the concept of seven days of devotionals which could be done daily or weekly throughout the busy season. Giving us a chance to reminisce on our own Christmas traditions while creating new ones is a priceless idea. Each devotion can be used as a whole or elaborated upon if preferred. The author even took into account suitability for different ages. As an added bonus to fill your own heart, 10% of the author’s royalties from Seeking Christmas will be donated to organizations that reach out to change an orphan’s heart.

4.5 (out of 5) pennies

*I received a copy of Seeking Christmas from BookCrash and CrossLink Publishing for my honest review*


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