A Bride For All Seasons

Brownley, Margaret. Clopton, Debra. Hatcher, Robin Lee. Connealy, Mary. A Bride for All Seasons. Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson. 2013.

Mail-Order BridesFour authors contribute to this Mail-Order Bride Collection. Each of the four novellas take place in a different season but with the same premise: a mail-order bride hoping to find ever-after happiness. Meddling in the mist though, is the owner of the Hitching Post Mail-Order Bride Catalog, Mr. Melvin Hitchcock, who takes it upon himself to “reword” each submission as he deems necessary for success.

I found this collection of short stories to be a perfect light read. I was introduced to a few new authors, I enjoyed the bride-to-be basis of each, I was tickled by the stubbornness and determination of the heroines and I was thrilled I could start and finish each tale in just a short amount of time (during this very busy time of year). Most of the included story-lines I would love to see developed into full-length novels but will instead search out other books by these authors in hopes that they deliver the same enjoyment.

4 (out of 5) pennies

*I received a complimentary copy of A Bride for All Season from BookSneeze and Thomas Nelson for my honest review*


4 thoughts on “A Bride For All Seasons

  1. Sometimes I love reading those novellas for a quick read. Hmmm, makes me want to go to my book shelf now and pull out some of my old favorites. I may look for this one in the future 🙂 Be blessed!

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