Busy Mamas (Bible Study)

Forster, Pam. Thirty Days of Bible Study for busy Mamas. Gaston, OR: Doorposts. 2013.

Busy MamasBusy Mamas Bible Study is a quick, five-minutes-a-day study of Colossians 3. The study focuses mainly on that chapter of the Bible providing a deeper understanding without requiring a lot of extra time (thus, the name: Busy Mamas). Biblically sound, the author suggests colored pencils, drawings, a notebook and lists to help participants understand Colossians 3 more acutely. Through familiarity with the chapter as well as explanations connected with everyday life, this book teaches yet leaves you fulfilled.

No longer do I have the excuse that “I am just too busy to read the Bible”. The author took away that excuse but replaced it an informative, achievable, enjoyable method of spending time in God’s Word. She gives amusing examples, obtainable time structures and flexible methods for studying and understanding Colossians 3 in the Bible. (What a wonderful reason to take 5 minutes a day for myself…alone!) The author does do a wonderful job of showing ways though to share what you learn/ read with your children. I only hope Pam Forster continues to offer different Busy Mamas studies of the Bible.

4.5 (out of 5) pennies

*I received a complimentary copy of Busy Mamas from Bookcrash and Doorposts for my honest review*


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