Courage to Change

Maddrey, Elizabeth. Courage to Change. Hopesprings Books/ Chalfront House Publishing. 2013.

courageRecently divorced, Phil Reid struggles to overcome his rough relationship with his ex-wife, Brandi. Having become a Christian, he is hesitant to become involved in a relationship with Attorney Allison Vasak, a woman who is driven by her heart. Both work together to help a pregnant teenager and her dad make some tough decisions in a difficult situation. Will any of them have the courage to change?

Elizabeth Maddrey pens a contemporary Christian novel which actually reads quite speedily. Although a lighter read, the issues dealt with could be a part of most people’s lives. The shorter chapters as well as the cute borders marking breaks within the chapter, all lend to smooth transitions between characters and situations. The book is Book 2 in a series (Grant Us Grace) but only twice did I find I was missing information due to a reference to a previous event. I most likely will read the next book in this series which is due out this month yet.

4 (out of 5) pennies

*I received a complimentary copy of Courage to Change from Bookcrash and Hopespring Books for my honest review*


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