101 Portraits of Jesus in the Hebrew Scriptures

101 portBeasley, Robert C. 101 Portraits of Jesus in the Hebrew Scriptures. Hendersonville, NC: Living Stone Books. 2008.


Through his extensive knowledge of the Bible, author Bob Beasley ((a graduate of Westminster Theological Seminary as well as an ordained elder), mixes scriptures and personal experiences to relate Jesus as forthcoming in the Old Testament. Set-up as a devotional/ Bible Study, Bob Beasley explores the Bible showing how Jesus appears in many ways, on many pages of the Old Testament.

The author did a wonderful job of designing this book to make it a quick, informative, spiritual read. Each of the 101 readings shows how Jesus was foreshadowed in the Old Testament. Having included personal experiences from his own life, Bob Beasley also gently guides the reader to see how Jesus is interwoven throughout the Bible and our lives. Each brief reading is only 2 pages in length making it an opportune book to read in busy life. Though good as a stand-alone study, this book would make a great Bible Study for a group to explore as it presents many opportunities for further discussion and growth.

4.5 (out of 5) pennies

*I received a complimentary copy of 101 Portraits of Jesus in the Hebrew Scriptures from the author for my honest review*


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