The Journal

Harlow, Beth. The Journal. CrossLink Publishing. 2013.

journalThe journal is just that…a journal that starts in 1861 as Mary’s fiance heads off to war. The little notebook is written in throughout the next 4 years spanning several of the battles within the Civil War. The memoir changes possession many times – even crossing rivalry lines. The soldiers share their thoughts, feelings, facts and personal situations about life, the battles and God as the journal continues to progress between hands.

The actual book even reminded me of a journal…it was thinner in size and only contained 62 pages. The set-up of the book appeared as if a real journal organized by dates with entries following. Though the visual assembly was inviting and the premise was very intriguing, I found myself drifting as I continued to browse the dated accounts. I found the transitions of the journal writers to be a bit confusing as I it took a bit to grasp the style. Although difficult to follow, I discovered and appreciated the relationships (friend and/ or foe) between the contributors. Short and long musings about the battles and faith helped the book to move albeit some of the longer entries seemed a bit unrealistic and uncohesive.

3.5 (out of 5) pennies

*I received a complimentary copy of The Journal from BookCrash and CrossLink Publishing for my honest review*


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