Prairie Song

Hodgson, Mona. Prairie Song. Colorado Springs,CO: Waterbrook Press. 2013.

prairieAnna Goben and her family are leaving St. Charles, Missouri. The family joins a Boone’s Lick Company Wagon Circle to travel across the country to California. During the five month journey, Anna faces a journey of caring for her aging grandfather and her grieving mother as well as traversing new, rugged terrain. As she travels with the wagon train, she may find new hope and new love somewhere along the way…

For readers who enjoy stories of wagon trains, campfires, cowboys and occasional danger, this novel will not disappoint. Mona Hodgson masters the setting and era of the novel in such a way that the reader is sure to gobble up this book. Prepare to be transported to the Post-Civil War Era in the far west. Readers will be delighted with their traveling companions – especially the delightful Anna Goben and the mysterious Caleb Reger.

4 (out of 5 stars)

* I received a complimentary copy of Prairie Song from Waterbrook Press in exchange for my honest review*


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