6 Miles with Courage

LaCorte, Thomas G. 6 Miles with Courage. Thomas LaCorte. 2013.

6 miSpiders, monkeys and alligators…oh my! Rob and Ryan Sykes, a father and son, fly out over the Florida wilderness to celebrate Ryan’s 18th birthday. When an unexpected BANG! occurs, a quick decision must be made. Heading out into the cypress swamp, Ryan soon discovers he is not alone. Garnering his faith in God along with unwavering courage, the 6 mile trek is begun…

Though out of my comfort genre of historical fiction, I found this adventurous, suspenseful novel to actually be quite engaging and heart warming. Through some unexpected endangerment, the author leans strongly on faith development within his characters. Though I was totally new to the environment of the Florida wilderness, the author took the time to act as a guide; thus, showing his vast and extensive knowledge of the subject. (He worked in the Florida wild as a land surveyor for 40 years.) Overall, I enjoyed this debut novel and await more journeys.

RATING: 4 (out of 5) pennies


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