A Simple Song

Carlson, Melody. A Simple Song. Grand Rapids, MI: Revell. 2013.

simpleKatrina Yodder loves to sing. When her father becomes seriously ill, Katrina believes that her gift of music could open doors to provide her family with the necessary funds for her father’s surgery. Katrina enters a singing competition – “American Star” – as a result, she risks being disowned by her Amish community.

Melody Carlson provides an Amish novel that appeals to a young adult audience. The novel contains main themes that are relevant to the intended audience. Carlson navigates issues such as peer pressure and accountability. While these topics are presented to the readers, they are weaved seamlessly into the plot. The result is a novel that provides a model of overcoming issues; yet, the novel does not appear didactic in nature. The novel as a whole provides the young adult audience with an entertaining and enlightening read that stands as an edifying alternative to questionable trending young adult fiction of a secular nature.

4 (out of 5 Pennies)


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