The Haven

Fisher, Suzanne Woods. The Haven. Grand Rapids, MI: Revell. 2012.

HavenSadie Lapp returns home to her family in Ohio after visiting her sister. On her journey home, she discovers a baby without a family. Bringing the baby home with her, rumors circulate. Sadie must navigate the rumors to share the truth, find a home for the mysterious baby and find her inner strength and confidence in the process.

Suzanne Woods Fischer provides her reader with a cozy Amish story. Fischer’s writing style provides an opportunity to indulge in the peaceful setting of the story. The story unfolds as a gentle journey that can best be described as leisurely. The well-paced novel presents the reader with moments to reflect on the issues that arise in the book such as the honesty and forgiveness. The book holds great potential for use in book clubs or Bible studies. It is a story that fosters great conversation.

3.5 (out of 5) pennies


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