McCourtney, Lorena. Invisible. Grand Rapids, MI: Fleming H. Revell. 2010

untitledIvy Malone, an older-aged woman but definitely not of old-age mentality, takes on sleuthing. Deeming herself “socially invisible”, Ivy Malone takes it upon herself to solve a few crimes involving a tenant and a cemetery. Though very unconventional, Ivy eventually even convinces the police to take her crime-fighting seriously (even though her oddball ways seem a little crazy).

While the premise of this story caught my attention, it was the crazy, laugh-out-loud, Oh-no-you-didn’t humor that really kept me reading. Though a little slow in the beginning while setting up the storyline, it quickly had me reading late into the evening to see what happened next. As the ending neared, I found I couldn’t put the book down! Invisible is the first book in the Ivy Malone Mystery Series with more to follow. I will definitely read more whacky Ivy Malone novels as I know a few “Ivy Malones” in my own life.

RATING: 4 (out of 5) pennies


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