Glamorous Illusions: The Grand Tour Series

Bergren, Lisa.  Glamorous Illusions.  Colorado Springs, CO: David C Cook, 2012.


Glam IllThough content, Cora Diehl’s life seems to be unraveling as she struggles on the family farm with loss of crops, lack of money and illness to someone she loves.   Unknown to her, a stranger appears to challenge her world as she knows it. 

Cora is invited to partake in the Grand Tour of Europe (a tour which advances one’s education while immersing in ancient history), but soon discovers so much more.  Finding herself to also be Cora Kensington, she discovers a dynasty of which she is a part, including siblings, resources, and wealth.  Given no choice but to participate in the Grand Tour, Cora attains knowledge of both the benefits and drawbacks of which she is connected, but more importantly, she gains self discovery and identification.


Yet again, Lisa Bergren writes a novel which draws the reader in and doesn’t disappoint.  Written in a style which uses different character’s points of view, I found myself relating to the characters on a personal level.  I appreciated the fact that Cora consistently turned to God for guidance on her challenges and decisions.  Although a little plentiful at times on descriptions, the depth held my attention through romance, adventure, adversity and historical significance of the Grand Tour.  The novel is loosely reminiscent of a rags-to-riches Cinderella story. While looking forward to the next book in the Grand Tour Series, Glamorous Illusions is definitely a must-read! Make sure to take the time to enjoy the Afterwords to further the story even a little bit more.

RATING: 4.5 (out of 5) pennies






3 thoughts on “Glamorous Illusions: The Grand Tour Series

  1. Lisa Bergren is my new favorite author! I would have been missing her excellent books if I hadn’t read your blog!

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